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Year 6-7 transition FAQs

How will my child know where to go on the first day?

Plenty of staff will be on hand to meet your child at the front gate and off the busses to direct Students to the appropriate place. Students will all meet in the Main Hall for an assembly led by the senior leadership team.

What other students will be in on the first Day?

On the first day it will only be Year seven on the school site.

Will they need a PE kit on the first day?

No, the first PE lesson will not involve changing into a kit.

Where can Students find the Year leader?

Students will be taken on a tour by tutors on the first morning and will be shown the year leaders office and where students can find Miss Harrigan.

Will they get lockers?

Lockers are allocated on a first come, first served basis. There is a deposit to pay and they will keep the same locker for the duration of their time at Colne. Further information will be given out via tutors.

What do they do about getting lunch?

Students can get food from the Refectory or alternatively bring packed lunch. They will pay by using their thumb print linked to their account which you will need to top up in advance.

Where can students eat their Lunch?

Students can eat inside the refectory, main hall or have a year 7 only playground outside the year leaders office. Students are however able to use other parts of the school which are open at lunchtime such as the astroturf if they would like to.

How will my child find their way around school?

Lots of staff will be out and about at lesson changeover to ensure that students know where to go. They will also be provided with a map of the buildings alongside their timetable and be taken on a tour of the school with tutors.

Will my Child receive a C2 if they arrive late to a lesson?

Teachers understand it takes students a while to find their way around school. Teachers will use professional judgement in the early weeks of term.

What if my child forgets something?

Teachers will be understanding in the early weeks of the term. If they need something important, student reception can contact home for it to be sent in.

What happens if my child is not in the correct uniform?

The school has a supply of uniforms that will be lent out on a short term basis if a student forgets an item of clothing. This can be borrowed from the year leaders office. It is an expectation that students wear the borrowed uniform unless medical evidence can be provided.

How much homework will my child get?

Students can expect one piece of homework a week in core subjects( English,Science and Maths) and one piece per fortnight in other subject areas. Students will have access to a homework club based in the schools learning centre each Monday 3:15-4:15pm to complete the work that has been set with teacher support.

What are the rules on mobile phones?

Students are not encouraged to have mobile phones in school. If it is seen or heard by a member of staff, it will be confiscated. Students can collect it from the student reception at the end of the day.

What if my child is ill before school / during the school day?

If your child is ill before school, you may decide to send them. You can ring in to alert the Year leader or school office. If they become ill during the school day, they should go to first aid located at student reception. They will then be assessed and you will be contacted if it is necessary to collect.

What equipment will they need?

They should have a pencil case with pens, pencil, sharpener, rubber, ruler and a scientific calculator is also recommended. A glue stick is often a useful addition.

What can my child do if they are upset or having friendship issues?

They can talk to any member of staff, their tutor, or go to the Year Office to speak with Miss Harrigan.

Where can my child find out about extra-curricular clubs?

There will be information in tutor rooms, assemblies and within lessons students will be informed of clubs.

What time does my child need to be at school?

All students need to be on site for 8.30am each day. If a student arrives after 8:55am with no valid reason an SLT detention will be set.

Where can I find the schools key dates and information?

The website is regularly updated with key information.

What if my child loses something at school?

Please ensure all clothing and equipment is clearly named. Lost properly goes to the front office where students can go to claim items.

How do I pay for my child’s school dinner / school trips?

You can make electronic payments through our cashless system, ParentPay, for School activities. You will receive separate information from the school regarding this.

What happens if my child loses their tie?

Your child can purchase a tie directly from our uniform supplier or via the school's main office. Students can borrow one on a short term basis from the year leader but this must be returned at the end of each day.

My Child has SEND needs do I need to contact the school?

The Colne’s SENCO has been in contact with all feeder primary schools to gain information about students with SEND needs. A member of the SENCO team will be in contact with you in the early part of the term. If you would like to arrange a meeting with one of the SEND team or have a question email [email protected]

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